• Couples Counseling

    Do you sometimes lie awake at night wondering if your partner still loves you? Do you no longer feel like your mate considers you special, attractive or a priority? Are your lovemaking sessions growing increasingly infrequent or even… Read More

  • Family Counseling

    Are You Worried About Your Child’s, Children’s Or Family’s Emotional Health? Are you recently divorced or trying to blend families and feel concerned about how changes to your family system are affecting your children? Do you and your… Read More

  • Trauma Therapy

    Are You Struggling To Feel Good And Function Well Following A Trauma? Have you experienced ongoing trauma or were you recently affected by a painful or frightening event that’s left you feeling unsettled, distressed or in fear? Are… Read More

  • LGBTQ Counseling

    Are you part of the LGBTQ community and having trouble “coming out” to your family and friends? Do you struggle with your sexual orientation? Or maybe gender identity is your primary concern? Have LGBTQ issues ever prompted depression… Read More